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SAAS CARES Response to COVID-19

Southern Arizona Adaptive Sports (SAAS) announces the launch of SAAS CARES in response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. For more information please contact Mia Hansen 520-370-0588 via phone, text or email: or We believe that good physical & mental health is fundamental to the overall well-being of everyone. We care about our athletes, families, and community. For this reason, we are launching SAAS CARES in response to the needs of people living with disabilities who are impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. We can provide these services thanks to an emergency grant from the Craig H Neilsen Foundation. SAAS is seeking additional donations and funding to expand this service. SAAS has been closely monitoring the COVID-19 crisis and we have suspended all group adaptive sports activities. One exception has been our adaptive cycling program. We are fortunate to have beautiful weather, great bike paths, and the option to go cycling is one way we can stay healthy. SAAS encourages handcycling and recumbent triking on your own or with family. We are loaning out all our available cycles and are looking for donations of used handcycles & recumbent trikes. Many nonprofit agencies in Pima County have suspended their normal donation/pickup services. SAAS will pickup and refurbish donated handcycles, adaptive bikes, trikes, and used wheelchairs, plus other medical equipment & supplies for refurbishing & redistribution. While you are staying at home, consider cleaning out your garage, closets, and DONATE your used or surplus items to SAAS for redistribution. SAAS CARES will serve the emergency needs of people with disabilities including spinal cord injury, amputation, and other disabilities, who may be vulnerable to infection, who lack resources or transportation, or who are isolated without support systems or family. To qualify, you must live in Pima or Santa Cruz Counties, identify as a person with a physical disability, and contact SAAS for a short interview. SAAS CARES will offer home delivery of food and medical supplies, pickup & drop off of donated wheelchairs & medical supplies, and mobile wheelchair repair for basic fixes like flat tires, brake adjustments, and caster repair/replacement within our service area. PEER MENTORING & ONLINE FITNESS - SAAS CARES offers peer mentoring online or via phone pairing experienced mentors who share their life experience living with disabilities. This is especially important to our rehabilitation facility partners who continue to serve the newly injured patients dealing with spinal cord injury, stroke, amputation, and other conditions. Contact SAAS to arrange a peer-mentor matchup or to find online fitness activities. SAAS CARES will partner with other agencies in Pima & Santa Cruz Counties providing similar services and offer guidance, resources, and referrals. We are staying connected while practicing safe social distancing and following Arizona Department of Health Services Guidelines. If you need support during this challenging time, please reach out. If you can offer to help, please let us know. Please contact Mia Hansen 520-370-0588 if you have questions, or if you can donate any items, time or funds towards this effort. Stay healthy, stay active, stay independent, and know that SAAS CARES!

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