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SAAS CARES Project Renew
Wheelchair Redistribution

We accept donations of wheelchairs in any condition to refurbish and donate back to people in need here. To donate or receive help, please call  520-370-0588

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What is Peer Mentoring? 

Peer Mentoring is a conversation that takes place between a Peer Mentor and Mentee. The Peer Mentor offers support, advise, guidance, resources, and has the desire to share lived experiences that provide emotional support in adjusting to a disability. 

Our mentors include people living with paralysis, amputation, other neurological or muscular diseases, or those caring for someone living with a disability. Our trained Peer Mentors work with individuals to help bridge the gap between the medical field and real life experiences and show how both are relevant for not just early onset rehabilitation, but post rehabilitation. 

Request a Mentor

Please take the time to fill out the information below. This will help us match you with a mentor

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